There will always be something to do with your DKYC Fintech NFT. The primary objective of the DKYC team is to deliver no useless NFT! Fully audited.


The Genesis Series
With 2222 total DLegend NFTs and every single one having at least 2 attributed benefits, levels, staking, early access, and more...every single DLegend NFT will have a purpose. This makes our NFTs endlessly collectible. Each DLegend will have several things they can do, or be used for.


Each DLegend NFT begins life at Level 1 and can maximize to Level 5. Leveling up will cost an investment of DKYC tokens. 100% of these tokens will go directly to the NFT staking pools.
Leveling up will gain your DLegend two primary things: the ability to enter the stake-to-earn pools, and additional Ranks for the GameFi-esque attributed benefits.


Each NFT that is Level 2 or higher will be able to stake into the Staking platform! See the Stake to Earn tab for more information.
Over 400% APY PER NFT - April 9th 2022

Ranks and Attributed Benefits (NFT phase 3)

Each NFT will have between 2 and 6 benefits based upon the rarity of the mint. Each benefit will be able to be Ranked up by burning DKYC tokens. Rank up your favorite attributed benefits to make your NFT work for you exactly the way you want it to!

NFT Phases