The DKYC Dashboard

The Dashboard is your one-stop location to access DKYC cards, tax-free reinvesting, balance checking, tier points status, and NFT portal.
DKYC - Be Financially Free
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DKYC Visa® Cards

DKYC creates the unique opportunity to access anonymous Visa® cards, using claimable BUSD you have earned via reflections, promotions, staking, and more.
BUSD reflections are automatically paid to your wallet and are scaled to trading volume on the DKYC Token. DKYC will be releasing several exciting ways for holders to use external BUSD to redeem anonymous DKYC Visa® cards.
Crypto > Real-world spending. Anonymously.


Most other credit card status systems are inherently unfair in that they simply reward the wealthiest users with the most points. The DKYC status system is balanced, merit-based, holder-centric, and fair.
There are many ways to earn points. We reward holder loyalty (when you buy and hold over 1 million DKYC tokens), positive community engagement within our telegram group, quality social media interaction, creative content creation (that speaks to our brand proposition), and verified referrals (inviting new holders who are also active in the community).
The DKYC tier system is the first of its kind on BSC, with seven tiers to aspire to and work towards. From Copper to Diamond, your journey is enhanced by a suite of exceptional rewards and benefits.
The journey that keeps on giving


You have the choice to use your BUSD reflections to buy DKYC tokens, tax-free (daily limits apply to keep the system fair). Reinvesting is the easiest way to build your stack and compound your earnings.
Reinvest between $5 and $70 per day!


The DKYC LEGENDS NFT series is a perfect companion to our platform, offering stake-to-earn, attribute-based benefits, DKYC token payouts, and more! See our dedicated NFT section for more on their amazing features. Also visit our NFT website.
DKYC Fintech NFT
The world's first fintech NFT series

See each tab for additional details about each DKYC system!