A New Financial system
DPay™ & DSwap™, along with the DKYC suite, are perfectly positioned to disrupt stale, archaic monopolies in the real-world, metaverse, and beyond.

Disrupting centralized finance, in a decentralized way.

Cast your mind back to the 1990's. Think Paypal, Amazon, Google, Apple. From small garage-based startups, they evolved into behemoths that have instilled surveillance capitalism into their very core. With their massive dominance and conveniences came a loss of our freedom and privacy.
DKYC is transitioning from a virtual garage startup into a benevolent-by-design behemoth that can unlock finance worldwide for everyone – even the most marginalized and oppressed. We never want to know your name, why you have money, or how you spend that money. We just want to restore privacy, freedom, and anonymous microtransactions.
EVOLUTIONARY NOTE: This a living document. It will be updated frequently to adapt to an ever-changing fintech space. Details herein are subject to change at any time.
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